interview 02

interview 2006
Loomoo:When did you first know LOMO? Did somebody introduce it to you or it was related to your job at that time or else? Had you taken photos before you knew LOMO? Did it influence your photography?
Nirun:In 2003 I found LOMO Product in aday magazine and I found real LC-a at Roominterior shop.I’m not inspiration of foto, I inspiration by myself.
Loomoo:Please rewrite a sentence with “L-O-M-O”. (ex: Love Of Monkey,Okay?)
Nirun:Learn – Object – Myself – Oasis
Loomoo:What drives you to take a photo? What do you concern when you decide to take a photo?
Nirun:So.. I inspiration by myself. Same Don’t think just shoot!!
Loomoo:What was your most crazy LOMO experience?
Nirun:Absolutely not, I’m simply lifestyle.
Loomoo:What are your favorite tips of LOMO taking?
Nirun:Not favorite tips, I love improvise, love street foto, love life.
Loomoo:Are there any LOMO experience that you don’t want to tell others?
Nirun:So.. I taking triple foto and I love one pic it good feeling, That is my fav Thai ska-band “T-Bone” I shoot by Don’t think Click, Click, Click. It not one day one place. When my friend saw it Wowwww.
Loomoo:Are there any disappointing moments in LOMO taking?
Nirun:All time because LOMO is.. not perfect ha ha ha
Loomoo:According to your experience,what’s your suggestions to the new lomographers?
Nirun:Learn by yourself don’t lisen to Old man ha ha ha
Loomoo:Did you ever try to introduce LOMO to others and what was the result?
I show my pic for everybody but I don’t say everything .
Loomoo:If you want to describe LOMO into a real thing, what is it?(we just need a word,ex:a tree,a fat cat,a book…)
Nirun:My GUN** Ha Ha Ha I know you know ha ha
Loomoo:How will you describe your LOMO style? And what others comment on your works? Do they match?
Nirun:My style? Street foto, Life foto, Concept foto anyway Biting, Sarky it’s Blackcomedy in my work .
Loomoo:Will you take part in some lomography contests? What do you think about being confirmed by others?
Nirun:Just submission Lomography mission, and I feel good for Hey!! That great pic, Wow so beautiful, I know that.
Loomoo:What kind of changes LOMO brings you,if there are some?
Nirun:Sure absolutely I’m a poor man.
Loomoo:How many films will you take monthly? And under what kind of situation, you will LOMO more?
Nirun:When I start taking umm.. 3-4 roll per month and now 1-2 roll per month, I working hard for money For life for foto.
Loomoo:When you want to record something out of your life,what will be your first thinking? And why?
Nirun:Absolutely not, I’m simply lifestyle.
Loomoo:According to you, what is the most important thing and what is the most boring thing in the life? And why?
Nirun:Absolutely not, I’m simply lifestyle.
Loomoo:Are you sensetive to something? What is it? And why?
Nirun:Absolutely yes!! When I see something Happy lonely I feel too. I don’t know why
Loomoo:Do you collect anything and why?
Nirun:Lady Ha Ha Ha Love is Great.
Loomoo:What catch most of your interest now? Are there anything impressive happened recently?
Nirun:I love my country BANGKOK is center of World culture. At here more event of ART, Music, Film.
Loomoo:Will you continue LOMO taking? What is the power for that?
Nirun:Absolutely yes. I belive power of money, No money no foto, No woman no cry!!
Loomoo:Have you ever been to China before? Describe the city you have been to with 3 words. If no, what will China be alike according to your imagination? What do you want to LOMO in China?
Nirun:No , in my imagine China is Old City Old culture, sure I want taking foto everywhere.
Loomoo:Is there any exetremely fun lomographer around you?What is his/her special point? Can you just introduce him/her to us? (email? homepage? or lomohome?)
Nirun:Umm Myself HA HA HA , I want one!! She is neja
Loomoo:While taking this interview, are you doing something esle? drinking coffee? thinking of somebody else?
Nirun:Open Dictionary online!!
Loomoo:What do you think of this interview?
Nirun:It great but so long
Loomoo:Please leave your own words to the lomographers in LOOMOO,thanks!
Nirun:Hey man!! Don’t think just shoot!! 

ทะลึ่งไปรับปากน้าทอม โลโม่ไนซ์กายส์ไว้ แกโดนสัมภาษณ์กะเวปนี้ก่อนแล้วก็ส่งช่วงต่อมาให้อีกทีนึง ภาษาก็ห่วย เวปมันก็ส่งคำถามมาให้ ผมก็เลยให้น้องกลาสเกิลส์แปล แล้วก็มาดำน้ำตอบแบบกูรู้กูเข้าใจของกูคนเดียว(อีกแล้ว)

เวปลูมู่นี้เคยได้ยินว่ามันเป็นเวปที่เลี่ยนแบบโลโม่ เบื้องหน้าเบื้องหลังเป็นยังไงไม่ทราบแน่ชัด รู้แต่ว่าใครมาขอสัมภาษณ์ผมก็ดำน้ำไปเรื่อยๆ เข้าใจบ้าง ไม่เข้าใจเลยบ้างก็ช่างปะไร


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