interview 04

Mission Winner

The Meduim behind 

Behind the Scenes Q&A with Nirun Puedchana

Say hello to Nirun Puedchana (7SAMURAI), winner of ‘The Medium Behind’ mission, and also a graphic designer/Lomographer based in Bangkok, Thailand.



1 What’s the story behind your winning entry?

The true story of Seagull (I’m so hungry and tried too hard to grill that seagull!).

2 What kind of bird is it, anyway?

Seagull, of course. That scene is like I’m in “The Birds” movie by Alfred Hitchcock.

3 I visited your site and saw a lot of Lomographs! How long have you been into Lomography and how did you discover it?

I started Lomo since 11/2003 (5 yrs in total) after reading “A Day” magazine.

4 What’s your favorite film + camera combo?

LC-A/Fuji Superia 100.

5 Any photographers/Lomographers that you’d like to collaborate with?

Chamni Thipmanee (Thai photographer). He’s my most favourite!!!!!!!!!!

6 What inspired you recently?


7 Any frustrating Lomography moment?

It’s when I’m not fast enough to capture the hope-to-be-best shots!

8 Besides taking photos, what keeps you busy?

Raising my grandchild (younger sister’s daughter) hahaha!!

9 Recommend something good.

My music video for lovers (

10 Last words to the Lomo community?

Nothing to say. You’re already twice as cool!

P.S. thanks kemumaki for translation 🙂

lomo blog>>

** พอได้รางวัล Mission winner ทางเวป Lomography เค้าก็จะมีคำถามขำๆส่งมาเพื่อไปอัพบล๊อกของเวปเค้า ก็อ่านได้ แปลได้บ้าง ตอบได้บ้างแต่จะรู้เรื่องอยู่คนเดียว 555 ก็เลยฝากคุณkemumakiแปลให้หน่อย ไม่เช่นนั้นแล้วจะได้อายกันแน่นอน


2 Responses to “interview 04”

  1. Horus Says:

    Yes i like chamni tipmanee too!
    I have jsut opened a new portal for Thailand Photographers to present their news, portfolios and articles with.. still just in the building phases, should be ready in a month


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